Jana Kierdorf

Doctoral student


Email: jkierdorf@uni-bonn.de
Tel: +49 – 228 – 73 – 60848
Office: Niebuhrstr. 1a, 1st floor, room 1.005

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Research area

I am currently working in the TrAgS Project. In this project, we track the use and adoption of agricultural technologies through satellite remote sensing and self-supervised deep learning.

From 01.2022 until 12.2022, I worked in the OPTIKO project, which focused on the topic of optimizing cauliflower cultivation through monitoring with UAVs and machine learning. Our overall goal was the analysis of the growth and development of cauliflower and the derivation of phenotypic traits to foster the development of automation in agriculture.
However, my area of interest extends to other applications of remote sensing that can be analyzed using ML.


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