Current Teaching Activities (At University of OSnaBrueck)
  • Advanced Machine Learning for Geoinformatics (Lecture & Seminar, MSc, summer+winter)
  • Machine Learning for Plant Phenotyping (Practical Course, BSc+MSc, summer)
  • Machine Learning for Ocean Sciences (Practical Course, BSc+MSc, summer)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (Seminar, BSc, summer + winter)
  • Data Analysis with Sparse Representation (Seminar, BSc, summer + winter)
Previous Teaching Activities
  • Advanced Machine Learning (Lecture & Seminar, MSc, summer)
  • Remote Sensing Image Analysis and Interpretation (Lecture & Practical Course, BSc, winter)
  • Big Data Analysis (Lecture & Seminar, MSc, summer)
  • Remote Sensing Image Interpretation (Practical Course, MSc, winter)
Bachelor and Master Theses