Conference video talks

Timo Stomberg – jUngle-Net: Explainable ML to Gain Insights into the Appearance of Wilderness in Satellite Imagery
Jana Kierdorf – GrowliFlower: A time series dataset for GROWth analysis of cauLIFLOWER
Jana Kierdorf: What Identifies a Whale by its Fluke? On the Benefit of Interpretable ML for Whale Identification
Immanuel Weber: Learning with Real-World and Artificial Data for Improved Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
Ribana Roscher: SemCity Toulouse: A Benchmark for Building Instance Segmentation in Satellite Images
Laura Zabawa – Counting grapevine berries in images via semantic segmentation
Women in Science Talk: Ribana Roscher (05.03.21)
Lukas Drees – Temporal Prediction & Evaluation of Brassica Growth in the Field using cGANs
Automatic Differentiation of Damaged and Unharmed Grapes Using RGB Images and CNNs
Lukas Drees: Multi-Modal Deep Learning with Sentinel-3 Observations for the Detection of Oceanic Internal Waves
Ribana Roscher: Explain it to me – Facing Remote Sensing Challenges in the Bio- and Geosciences with Explainable ML